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The basic process we follow in a sequence is as follows

Start with a Detox plan – This helps eliminate the toxins accumulated in the body over years.

Get Rejuvenated – Post the detox phase is the best phase for the body to absorb nutrients effectively form the food you eat. A scientifically curated nutrition plan revitalizes your soul with overloaded freshness

Nourishment phase – This phase makes maximum use of the good metabolism state of the body to nourish yourself

Maintain – Lastly, we keep connected with you such that you can now maintain and balance this state for the rest of your life.

We blend nutrition therapy, yoga, Ayurveda, and fitness exercises, customize it for the customer based on needs, and help you execute the same with total care and support.

You can visit our center, or avail a home-based service. We also provide corporate services for employee wellness schemes.